How to Give CPR to an Adult (Puberty and Up):

Step 1)Check to see if area/scene is safe to enter.
If area is not safe, call 911, and wait at a safe distance.
Step 2)Check for responsivness.
You can do this by yelling at the person to wake up, and tapping the person's shoulders.
While doing this, oberve the person's sstomach area. Is it moving up and down?
If there is no breathing, gasping, or inadequate breathing, initaiate CPR.>
alternate text Step 3) Call 911/ Activate Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
If a person does not respond, call 911 immediately.
Get and AED if available.
Or else follow 911 dispatcher directions.
Step 4) Compress Chest.
Place the person face up on a hard surface.
Place heel of 2 hands in the center of the victom's chest, one hand on top of another.
Delvier 30 comperssions, atleast 2 inches deep.
Compressions will circulate blood from the heart to the rest of the body.
Rate of 100+ per minute.
Step 5)After 30 Compressions, open the airway
Tilt the head as much as possible.
Only lift head if no neck trauma is suspected. Lift the chin.
Step 6) Initiate Rescue Breathing.
the airway open.
Pinch nose.
Place your mouth around the person's mouth with a tight seal.
Deliver 2 slow breaths (each breath should last one second) with sfficient volume to acheive visble chest rise.
Use a breathing barrier when possible.
Avoid excessive or quick ventilations as this may cause the person to vomit.
Repeat cycles of 30 compressions and 2 breaths.

Continue CPR Until...
Emergency medical personnel arrive and take over.
You are too exhausted to continue.
The person starts to breath.
The area becomes dangerous.
The AED arrives.